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Rukiya Sims


Local Gal

Born and Raised in Atlanta, Rukiya has a vast, and acute understanding of the Atlanta market, and has been licensed in Real Estate for the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas since 2011. She doesn’t just have a surface knowledge of the best areas of town for prospective buyers and sellers, she has an intricate handle on past, present, and future trends in Georgia real estate.

More than a Memory

Rukiya takes pride in creating an amazing, thorough, and painless experience for her clients. In fact, that’s her favorite part! And she enjoys more than just giving them a great memory, she goes far beyond typical agent expectations. She does all she can to follow up with her clients inside the current real estate situation, and in the future. She does this to make sure they are content, happy, and fulfilled with their sale or purchase…creating an investment relationship that will often last a lifetime!

Don’t Fear the Paper!

It is very important to Rukiya Sims that her clients have as calm, engaging, and fulfilling real estate experience as possible. One of the many ways she goes all out for her clients is to ensure they are well-informed, and that this occurs in advance of situations and deadlines. The goal is to educate, so her clients can anticipate the process of real estate transactions, instead of being caught off guard by the sometimes stressful dealings of real estate proceedings. And not only will being front-loaded with educational paperwork, tips, and resources make her clients better prepared to handle stress, it could actually translate to a better financial situation at the end of the transaction. Don’t fear the paperwork! Let Rukiya Sims and her group keep you informed, prepared, and totally stress-free.

Insider Tips

Timing is very important in buying or selling a home. There may be times, in both buying and selling, where you feel like giving up. But don’t lose heart! Sometimes you can have delays just because of lapses in the buying and selling markets.

They keys to real estate bliss, whether you are buying or selling property, are simple: do the best you can to be prepared, try your utmost to be patient, and most importantly, make sure you’re working with Atlanta and RCM’s brightest new Real Estate team, the Sims Group!

My Commitment

I am committed to you and your property dreams, not just for the warm and fuzzy beginning of the project, but until the completion of it, and beyond! I will tirelessly work for you. My track record proves itself, and I do everything I can to make each and every client feel like they are the most important client in the world. I will help you be informed of every part of the real estate process, from listing, to marketing, to the back-and-forth rigmarole of closing. Have no fear, Rukiya Sims is here!

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